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A pioneer and disruptor in the sustainability, fashion, beauty, and travel space


With a history-making track record, Jessica Minh Anh is one of the world's most innovative catwalk producers, who has partnered with top players in the fashion, beauty, luxury, technology, hospitality, energy, entertainment, and education sector. Her circle includes global business and government leaders, media executives, and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.


Jessica Minh Anh is the producer behind some of the world’s most innovative Fashion x Sustainability projects.

Representing a new wave of creative entrepreneurs, Jessica embedded a positive image of resilience and strength into the new symbol of America, One World Trade Center. She hosted the tower's first ever event six months before its opening, and highlighted a message of culture integration. Jessica's other history-making catwalks include sky-high phenomena on the Eiffel Tower, London’s Tower Bridge, Grand Canyon Skywalk, and Petronas Twin Towers’ Skybridge, as well as her iconic “Catwalk On Water” series in Sydney, Dubai, Paris, New York, Rio de Janeiro, and Hong Kong.

A sustainability advocate, Jessica famously transformed renewable energy sites including the Hoover Dam and Gemasolar power plant into the world’s newest runways. Her “Runway on the Runway” successfully promoted the globally sustainable supply chain at JFK airport in New York. Jessica also produced the world's first sustainable ocean catwalk on a Liquefied Natural Gas cruise ship in Portofino, Italy and Pier 34's first ever catwalk highlighting Hudson River's sustainability initiatives in New York City. 


Jessica Minh Anh is featured in the media in over 100 countries across 5 continents.


Jessica Minh Anh joins government officials, sports champions, international artists, and chief executives to discuss sustainability, equality, and diversity, as she inspires a young generation of leaders.