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JMA Global has trained thousands of Business, Marketing, Tourism, IT, Engineering, Event Management, Media, Journalism, Photography, and Fashion students and graduates across the continents. The agency has partnered with hundreds of top universities in the USA, UK, UAE, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Vietnam among many others.


Interns will have a chance to work on location or virtually with the JMA Creative Team and JMA Event Team in Europe, Asia, and America.

We train fighters!

J Winter Fashion Show at JFK airport produced by Jessica Minh Anh

Working as a JMA Global intern

I got accepted as an intern with Jessica Minh Anh at the end of November and was working closely with her on her 25th grand production - J Winter Fashion Show: Runway on the Runway in New York (no, not another hotel fashion show). My world flipped upside down during this time, not only in terms of timezone, but also in terms of daily events: one moment I was in a conference call with top global companies at 4AM, and the next I was already speaking to top designers about their collections at the show. It was absolutely insane, in the best way possible.

In retrospect, it was certainly not the easiest internship. Far from it, actually. Besides the fact that the industry itself is full of criticisms, producing a world-class event in such a short period of time requires a lot of efforts when workload is crazy and whether you want it or not, stress is your best friend. And no, there is no such thing a work-life balance either. It’s work until you go to sleep and repeat. Nonetheless, I managed to make it until today where the show has been announced a global success, all thanks to my lady boss Jessica Minh Anh. It’s impossible to complain about anything when your boss always worked so much harder than you, to the point she barely had enough sleep (and kept telling me to go to bed early every day!!). Still, she managed to be cheerful, instructional, motivating, and empowering at all time. Not so sure how she does that, but it’s certain I never really understood what hard-working meant until I met her. Sitting back and watching the way she solved everything were enough for me to get a truckload of lessons. Even in the most stressful moments, she remained calm, and always came out with the smartest solutions. Again, not sure how she did all that, but she certainly did. Also, no matter how it got, Jessica always acknowledged the things that I did and even gave me compliments when I flawlessly accomplished any task. Though simple, not a lot of leaders I knew did so. Nothing could quite match the feeling of being complimented by someone you had absolute respect for.

Signing up as an intern, I barely expected anything besides the same paperwork that any intern has to do yet that was not the case. During the past 2 months, I have witnessed my professional and personal growth accelerate a lot faster than I could ever have imaged. I am so grateful I took the step and got accepted into JMA Internship program. I mean, how many times in life you get to have a boss who slays everywhere from the runway to the office?

Here are some photos, including the one where my boss took me out to dinner!


University of Economics, Vietnam

Jessica Minh Anh's Team

Drexel University, USA

The amount of experience and comprehension that you can achieve in one JMA internship is truly remarkable. I was thrown into the world of haute couture, media, and communications. I had a chance to meet with models, designers, editors, and partners while helping the show become a success. Jessica Minh Anh is both a mentor and an inspiration who is always willing to teach  you something new. I  saw firsthand how Jessica intertwines architecture and culture with fashion and art. It was an unforgettable experience!

Jessica Minh Anh's Team

University of Creative Arts, UK

After working for  JMA  Global, I have gained priceless  experience. Jessica Minh Anh pushed me  to believe in myself and  my potential, which has been a huge stepping stone for me. I have learnt so much while working   within a fast-paced and professional business. Jessica is an extraordinary woman who never ceases to amaze me with her determination and innovation. It has been  a dream to  work alongside  someone so established, professional,  and creative. I will without a doubt do  it all over again if I have a chance!

Jessica Minh Anh's Team

Accademia Costume & Moda, Italy

I took part in the preparation for J Autumn Fashion Show and learnt so much from Jessica Minh Anh and her incredible team. I  performed a  variety  of  tasks from research  on multiple industries to PR activities. Although I was  working from Rome for a Paris show, the distance between me and Jessica's  team was never a problem. Jessica is  an amazing mentor who  was always there for me and stimulated  me to do my very best. I improved myself  to work faster, more efficiently, and  accurately, and for that I have to thank Jessica Minh Anh. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

Jessica Minh Anh's Team

Istituto Marangoni, France

I've been very fortunate to participate in Jessica Minh Anh's productions both in Paris and New York! It was amazing to see her in action. She always makes the right decisions very quickly, and finds solutions to any problem. If you are in one of her shows, you just know everything is going to work out well! One of the qualities I admire the most about Jessica is her ability to identify strength and talents in each individual team member. She always helps us and guides us, and tells us that we have to believe in ourselves. I'm convinced she's a role model for the future  generation. With her, we learnt to be confident and strong to reach our dreams.

Jessica Minh Anh internship program

University of Hong Kong

I feel very lucky to have had an opportunity to work for Jessica Minh Anh. The internship has significantly enhanced my interpersonal skills and improved my ability to solve multiple tasks effectively.  I learned a lot while communicating with international clients. Jessica is very professional and works with high efficiency and a great passion. She was always there when I needed help. Although the internship is virtual, Jessica managed to successfully show me part of her world. Thank you very much to Jessica and her team for making me feel prepared for my future career after a fruitful internship!

Jessica Minh Anh Internship

Life of a JMA fashion coordinator intern 

It was an honor to have spent the previous four months working closely with Jessica Minh Anh, the world-renowned fashion show producer, on the first sustainable ocean catwalk in Portofino, Italy. I’ve always been admiring Jessica through her social media channels but I was truly blown away when I got to know her more. 

Jessica Minh Anh is a certified workaholic, and her efforts clearly paid off, as the J Spring Fashion Show 2022 was yet another huge success. But it was her work philosophies that inspired me the most, which I now know by heart and implement in my daily life. She mentioned in our first interview, "To work in PR, you need to be three things: proactive, thick-skinned, and hardworking," my mind automatically leaps to these words anytime I face a challenge. She has a winner's mentality, and whatever she sets her mind to, she will undoubtedly succeed. Needless to say, Jessica is a respectable role model and mentor. 

Jessica is more than just the boss at the office; she cares about her interns' individuality and personal growth. People would think it would be awkward to share personal experiences with your supervisor, however, this was not the case. She shared many intriguing industry insights as well as her personal experiences with me. Because Jessica has such a youthful spirit, talking with her feels like talking with peers. Along the way, she assisted me in recognizing my mistakes and guiding me toward improvements; it's incredible to know that your efforts are acknowledged and your development is recognized. I often made a lot of mistakes from being careless at the beginning of the internship but once that was pointed out I reminded myself to double-check, triple-check everything before turning it in. As I progressed, I was gradually trusted to be handed tasks that could not afford mistakes. 

It was eye-opening to see how the show came together and to have first-hand experience with the numerous responsibilities involved. The actual workload to obtain every deal far exceeded my expectations. All of the tasks assigned to me were linked, which provided me with a greater understanding and enabled smoother communication. I was confident when speaking with collaborators via conference calls or texts because I had enough information on them and the show. This is due to the fact that I was tasked with conducting research on them, gathering important information, and translating press releases. It is critical when dealing with unanticipated scenarios where Jessica is not available to respond to clients immediately. 

This was not the easiest internship, but it was the most memorable. One that challenged me to leave my comfort zone in order to change for the better, both professionally and mentally. I consider myself fortunate to have received such excellent mentoring, particularly from Jessica Minh Anh, who has greatly inspired me.

British University, Vietnam


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