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Jessica Minh Anh at Novotel Paris Porte de Versailles

Jessica Minh Anh, a Parisian fashion icon known for her global hot spot expertise, shares her top picks for a 24-hour blend of business and leisure in the City of Light.

Pampering at Salon David Bralizz

Jessica Minh Anh in Paris

Jessica Minh Anh’s entrusted Hair Salon in Paris is David Bralizz. Nestled in the vibrant Montorgueil district, this salon promises a true moment of indulgence. Specializing in bespoke hair treatments, David Bralizz is renowned for its personalized advice and cutting-edge hair technology. Whether you're looking for a transformative hair experience or simply to refresh your look, the salon's experts are dedicated to making each visit a successful one.

Comfort Stay at Novotel Paris Porte de Versailles

Jessica Minh Anh at Novotel Paris Porte de Versailles

Novotel Paris Porte de Versailles is a retreat that combines modern luxury with playful nostalgia. Jessica's suite, suite, which boasts a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower, was filled with stuffed animals, balloons, rose petals, wrapped gifts, and chocolates from her favorite Parisian bakery Angelina Paris. The suite’s high-tech amenities, including a meditation device named Morphée, a Live N Dream mattress with a memory foam layer, and a smart pillow, ensure a restful sleep. A 65-inch TV adds to the comfort.

Jessica Minh Anh at Novotel Paris Porte de Versailles

The hotel's rooftop bar, with its vibrant Midtown New York vibe, offers an evening escape with panoramic city view.

Jessica Minh Anh at Novotel Paris Porte de Versailles

Parisian Breakfast at Le Grand Corona

Jessica Minh Anh in Paris

Start your day with a Parisian breakfast at Le Grand Corona. Located near the iconic Eiffel Tower, this chic brasserie serves up classic French fare with a modern twist. The interior's deep blue hues and feathered accents create a warm, refined atmosphere, perfect for savoring a morning croissant or a café au lait on their spacious terrace overlooking the Seine.

Perfect Eiffel Tower Backdrop on Trocadero Carousel Ride

Jessica Minh Anh in Paris

The Trocadero Carousel, situated beside the Warsaw Fountain, offers a picturesque ride with the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop. This vintage-style carousel, adorned with Parisian scenes, provides a charming experience and a perfect photo opportunity.

Chic Lunch at Hotel Costes

Jessica Minh Anh in Paris at Hotel Costes

For a stylish midday meal, Hotel Costes presents a luxurious dining experience. This 5-star establishment in Paris' 1st arrondissement, which is frequently visited by Jessica and her stylish model friends, features a gourmet restaurant, bar, and a serene spa environment.

Drinks at Ritz Bar at the Ritz Paris

Jessica Minh Anh in Paris at The Ritz Bar

The Ritz Bar, open Tuesday to Saturday evenings, is a journey through high-end mixology under a starry decor. Here, Jessica Minh Anh recommends signature cocktails inspired by the zodiac, biodynamic wines, and a selection of spirits, all accompanied by tapas and caviar.

A Visit to Musée de l'Armée

Jessica Minh Anh at Musée de l'Armée Paris

Immerse yourself in France's military history at the Musée de l'Armée. Housed within the Hôtel National des Invalides, this museum boasts one of the world's largest military history collections and offers an overview of France's past through its exhibits.

Jessica Minh Anh at Musée de l'Armée Paris
Jessica Minh Anh at Musée de l'Armée Paris
Jessica Minh Anh at Musée de l'Armée Paris

Asian Fusion Dinner at Miss Ko

Jessica Minh Anh at Miss Ko Paris

One of Jessica Minh Anh’s favorite restaurants in Paris, Miss Ko, offers a fusion of European and Asian cuisines in a vibrant setting. Discover their new Food & Desserts menu, featuring creative dishes like foie gras gyozas and salmon spring rolls with gravelaax sauce.

Late Night Tour Around Paris on Bustoque

Jessica Minh Anh on Bustoque Paris

Jessica trusts you can cap off your Parisian adventure with a late-night tour on Bustoque. This unique bus restaurant provides a gourmet cultural visit, offering a bistronomic meal while you take in the sights of Paris by night.

Enjoy your Parisian journey with Jessica's curated experiences, blending business with the pleasure of discovery. Bon voyage!



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